House Yoga is a loving community of people who provide support for healing. We value expansion of self love and that gives us the ground from which to give. We believe that each present moment is a gift and that each breath is an opportunity to start again and choose joy. We believe that in order to heal the world we must first heal ourselves. The inner and outer work go hand in hand. Yoga, meditation, and affirmations provide the support for healing.

We understand that what we create from within informs our physicality and we strive to teach classes that help you realize the best version of yourself. We encourage each other to lean towards gratitude and appreciation knowing that we are exactly who and where we need to be each present moment. 

Yoga helps us come back to a place of loving kindness where we can give ourselves permission to let go of expectations and judgement. Our intention and desire is to share that with others. We want to guide you through a practice of loving kindness. We want to guide you in a practice that reminds you of your strength and power.