Rachel House

Rachel House is a 2015 graduate of Power Life Yoga DSMs 200 Hour Teacher Training. She has been active and competitive in sports as long as she can remember but after years of competing in cross country/track and running for WMU she found herself needing more. She was trying to find ways to relieve the relentless anxiety and depression she was experiencing and finally found yoga to be the most effective form of therapy for her. Not only that but yoga helped her to become mindful of her body and its needs. The days of difficultly with emotional distress and running to the point of injury were brought to an end through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. She decided she needed to share how much yoga benefited her in order help others find what she did. Rachel appreciated the benefits that yoga provided so much that she decided to pursue her 200 hr. yoga teaching certification. She planned and implemented a yoga program where she’s employed with the Veteran’s Administration after her 200 hr. certification was completed in 2015. You can expect a uniquely challenging class with thought provoking and upbeat music when attending Rachel’s classes. Expect to push yourself and learn more while still being encouraged to listen to your inner voice. You will be challenged to become more in tune with what the body calls for in order to stay as healthy and active as possible physically, emotionally and mentally.


Contact Rachel directly by email or phone to set up a free consultation. Private or semi private yoga lessons are personalized to meet you where you are at in your practice. Work directly with Rachel as she creates classes designed to help you meet your own personal goals.

Life Coaching

Rachel’s unique, personable, and intuitive style of coaching helps you identify old patterns and break them. She empowers you to pivot toward a life experience of joy. Know your power and strength and step into the best version of you.
Contact Rachel directly by email or phone to set up an initial consultation.
Contact Rachel: r4house@gmail.com

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